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Islamic Azad University, Urmia Branch, has four specialized libraries (the Library of the Faculty of Humanities, the Library of the Faculty of Engineering, the Library of the Faculty Basic Sciences and the Library of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Para-medicine) and a reference and thesis section that through its years of activity, has provided a good collection of scientific and research documents by collecting and organizing Persian, Latin and digital resources that are largely responsive to the academic needs of the academic community and is currently one of the largest library collections in the northwest of the country.
General Specifications:
Number of libraries:                                          4 specialized libraries and one reference section
Library departments:                                        Technical Services / Book Lending / Reference
Library's infrastructure:                                     2600 square meters
Number of employees                                                  8 people
Number of books                                                            150,000 volumes
Number of Persian journals                             Mentioned in the Magiran system
Number of English journals                Mentioned in the Digital Library of Islamic Azad University
Number of dissertations                                    5744 vols
Library software                                             Simorgh Nusa
Number of members                                         All students, professors and staff of the university
Classification system                                      Library of Congress (LC)
Access type                                                                      Shelf closed
Goals and tasks
• Providing library services to clients in various fields including books, periodicals, dissertations and research papers.
• Informing about the use of electronic resources
• Planning and taking action to adapt the library's status and services to the latest standards in this area.
• Predicting the facilities needed to make more use of library resources available
• Identifying the information needs of the clients and providing the resources they need
• Daily response to the visitors
• Continuous purchasing of resources needed by departments and students
• Conducting reference interviews with students
• Continuing teaching of using Simorgh software, index and digital library
• Participation in international, seasonal and domestic exhibitions
. Providing services to clients of other scientific and educational centers by presenting  a letter of introduction