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The Faculty of Sciences

Majors Bachelor degrees Master degrees Doctoral degrees
Microbiology checkbox checkbox  
Geology checkbox checkbox checkbox
Molecular and Cellular Biology checkbox checkbox  
Biotechnology checkbox checkbox  
Genetics    checkbox  
English Translation checkbox checkbox  
English Language and Literature checkbox checkbox  
Teaching English as a Foreign Language TEFL checkbox checkbox  
Educational Sciences      
Physics      checkbox
Solid-State Physics   checkbox  
Persian Liturature   checkbox  
Persian Language and Literature   checkbox checkbox
Theology diving and Islamic Studies    checkbox  
Islamic Civilization History    checkbox  
Instructunal Technology   checkbox  
Law checkbox checkbox  
International Law    checkbox  
Criminal Law and Criminology   checkbox  
PrivateLaw   checkbox  
Public Law   checkbox  
Psychology checkbox checkbox  
Judicial Sciences checkbox    
Educational Administration      checkbox
Phisical Education and Sport Sciences checkbox    
Phisical Education Teacher Training and Sport Sciences   checkbox  
Motor Behaviour   checkbox  
Sport Injury Assessment and Corrective Exercises   checkbox  

The Faculty of Sciences Lab
Physics Lab
Modern Physics Lab
Termal Physics Lab
Microbiology Lab
Mineralogy Lab
Sedimentology Lab
Photogeology & Tectonics Lab
Chemistry Lab
Biochemistry Lab
Organic Chemistry Lab
Plant Biology Lab
Plant Physiology Lab
Cell Biology Lab
Genetics Lab