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Urmia City

 is the capital of West Azerbaijan province, in the Azerbaijan region of Iran. It’s located near the Turkish and Iraqi borders.

There are two daily flights to Tehran from urmia.


By the newly built bridge over the Urmia lake you can reach to Tabriz within 1.5 hours.


There are daily buses from Van in Turkey and Arbil in Iraq and also to Tehran and Tabriz and Iranian major Western cities.

Get around

Urmia has many parks and touristic costal villages in the shore of Urmia Lake. The oldest park in Urmia, called Park-e Saat, was established in the first Pahlavi's era. Urmia's largest park is Ellar Bagi Park (Azerbaijani "Garden of the Peoples") along the Shahar Chayi, or the City River.

  • The Urmia lake, the second saltiest lake in the world is only a few kilometers away. You can go for swimming and you will flow on the water.
  • Natural History Museum - Displays the animals native to the vicinity of Urmia.
  • Urmia Museum - an archaeological museum.